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Sania Mirza Trolled For Her Twitter Post On Pulwama Attack

19 February 2019


Bhubaneswar: Controversial BJP legislator Raja Singh on Monday called for removing Indian tennis star Sania Mirza as the brand ambassador of Telangana, calling her "Pakistan's daughter-in-law".

The BJP leader’s comment came soon after Sania’s long post on Twitter in which she expressed displeasure over demands that celebrities should be all over social media to condemn a terrorist attack.

Terming February 14, the day of the Pulwama attack when over 40 CRPF jawans were killed, as black day for India, tennis star Sania Mirza wrote, "This post is for people who think that as celebrities we need to 'condemn' an attack, tweet and Instagram and be all over social media to prove that we are patriotic and care about our country..why?? Cause we are celebs and some of you are frustrated individuals who have nowhere else to target your anger??"

"I don't need to condemn an attack publicly, or come and scream from rooftops all over social media that we are against terrorism... of course we are against terrorism and anyone that spread it.I play for my country, sweat for it and that's how I serve my country."

"I stand with the CRPF jawaans and their families, my heart goes out to them and they are our true heroes who protect our country... 14th February was a black day for India. This day will not be forgotten and neither shall it be forgiven but YES I will still pray for peace and you should too instead of spreading more hate..anger is good as long as it's being channeled into something productive..you are achieving nothing by trolling other people," she added.

To this people replied, “Madam very smartly penned article about terrorism but sorry to say you missed to use Pakistan name in this whole clarification..Why not throw some light on the Terror factory Pakistan.”

“What a pity Sania...After every such attack u guyz have to give justifications. Others u feel threatened. Thanks God we dont have to give justifications to anyone,” another wrote.

“But you can't say anything about Pakistan's support behind this attack. Pakistan's support to terrorism. Why..?,” another troll wrote.

“Had u named Pakistan,it would have been great. U hv mentioned "there's no place for terrorism".but there exists a nation named Pakistan where terrorism is a religion,” mentioned several others.

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