Watch The Video To Learn About Gas Cylinder Safety Measures

** Below are Gas Cylinder Safety Measures : **

It must have ISI mark.

It should be as short as possible. Maximum length should be about 1.5 meters.

It should be easily accessible for inspection.

Keep it away from heat and fire.

Push it so as to cover the full length of the nozzle.

Make sure it does not get heated by the burner, or is looped/twisted

Clean it with wet cloth only. Don’t use soap to ease the tube over the nozzle.

Check it regularly for cracks, holes, softness, and porosity especially at the ends.

Replace tubing every 2 years if not earlier.

Do not cover rubber tubing by any other object or sleeve.

**Incase of Gas Leak: **

Do not operate electrical switches.

Ensure that stove knobs are in OFF position

Do not light a matchstick even to detect the leakage of LPG.

Switch OFF the pressure regulator by turning the knob clockwise to the OFF position.

Open all doors and windows

If the smell persists, call your Gas distributor during office hours. For emergencies after office hours or on holidays please call up your nearest Emergency service cell.

An experienced person can detach the regulator. Fix the safety cap on the valve.
Close all the taps on the cooking stove


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