This Airport Has A Giant Slide That Will Take You To Your Boarding Gate

10 July 2019


Bhubaneswar: Changi Airport in Singapore is often touted to be the world's most fun airport. Needless to say, slides inside the airport that take the passengers directly to their boarding gates prove the point.

A video shared by one Yusuf El Askary shows him using his boarding pass to gain entry to a multi-story slide that can be found in Terminal 4. As he slides down, Askary lands in front of Changi Airport's famous “Red Chandelier.”

Reportedly, the Red Chandelier, unveiled in 2018, is filled with climbing nets and sliding poles. It is anchored to the ceiling and is able to take 50 people at a time.

The Airport has an even bigger slide in Terminal 3, which is often called the “world’s tallest slide within an airport.” Passengers can gain access to these slides by spending $10 at any restaurant or retail shop in Changi Airport.