Former UK PM John Major Wants Boris Johnson Dismissed As Soon As Possible

London:  In an unusual but not unexpected intervention, former British Prime Minister and also a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party, Sir John Major has written to the chair of the body that conducts elections to the post of party leader, known as the 1922 Committee, to say Johnson should not be allowed to remain in a caretaker role until the autumn.

Major strongly feels it would be “unwise” to permit Johnson a three month run as caretaker Prime Minister.

“For the overall wellbeing of the country, Mr Johnson should not remain in Downing Street when he is unable to command the confidence of the House of Commons for any longer than necessary to effect the smooth transition of government,” he wrote in a letter to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady.

The former leader of the Conservative party suggested one of two solutions. Either Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab be made acting Prime Minister or the rules governing the election of a new leader be changed to enable MPs to choose a prime minister immediately. Party members can then ratify the selection.