Former US Top Terror Adviser May Take Up Comey’s Job

**Washington** A former White House counterterrorism official may replace fired FBI Director James Comey. She was spotted at the White House shortly before Comey was “terminated” six years ahead of the end of his term.

Frances Townsend, who served in the George W. Bush administration as a White House homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, posted several photos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts snapped while inside the White House on Monday afternoon, ABC News reported.

“Looking up and down the spectacular staircases of the #EEOB @WhiteHouse #DC,” Townsend tweeted the following day.

Townsend met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower last year when she was under consideration for a top administration job.

Asked today if she was visiting the White House to discuss the appointment, which would make her the first woman to occupy the FBI director’s office, Townsend told ABC News she was in the Executive Office Building for an unrelated meeting and would not comment on whether she was being considered.



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