Groups Seeking To Destabilise Bamyan Province: Taliban

Kabul: A Taliban commander has claimed that groups were seeking to destablise Afghanistan’s restive Bamyan province and reitered that security forces will not allow anyone to disrupt security.

Without identifying the groups, Mulla Mohammad Shireen, the commander of the 5th Brigade of the 203rd Mansouri Corps, said: “There are foreign gangs here and they are trying to disrupt security and cause various problems,” TOLO News reported.

On Monday, a convoy of 1,500 Taliban forces, armed with light and heavy weapons, went to Bamyan to ensure the security of the province.

In a separate statement, head of the 203rd Mansouri Corps Allah Mohammad Bakhtyar claimed that there was “talk of a second resistance, we ask all the people of Bamiyan to work with us so that the security of Bamyan is not compromised”.

Earlier, there were reports of increased resistance activities against the Taliban regime in Panjshir, Kapisa and Parwan provinces.