Indian Owns 22 Apartments In World’s Tallest Tower In Dubai

**Dubai** An Indian businessman owns a staggering number of 22 apartments in Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s tallest building located in Dubai in the UAE, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

George V. Nereaparambil, a mechanic-turned businessman, says he intends to continue buying more if he gets a good bargain.

“If I get a good deal, I’ll buy more. I am a dreamer and I never stop dreaming,” he told Khaleej Times here.

Kerala-born Nereaparambil’s purchases in the property began when a relative teased him about the Burj Khalifa building, he says.

“A relative of mine jokingly told me see this Burj Khalifa, you cannot enter it,” he said.

After seeing a 2010 advertisement in a newspaper about an apartment for rent in the building, Nereaparambil rented the apartment the same day and started living in it.

Now, six years later owning 22 of the 900 apartments in the 828-metre high building, Nereaparambil said he ahs rented out five flats, and for the others, he is “waiting for the right tenant”.

Nereaparambil has set up the GEO Group of Companies here after realising there was a huge scope for an air conditioning business in the hot climate of the desert, the paper reported.



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