Man Weds ‘Pizza’

**Tomsk, Russia:** Tired of the tantrums of girlfriends and wives, follow the suit of Russian man who married the true love of his life, ‘Pizza’. Yes, you read it right, a pizza.

A 22-year-old man married a pizza in a pizzeria in the city of Tomsk, Russia with all rituals.

The bride, a thin-crust pizza, was in all adorned with a pretty veil and tiara whereas the groom was dressed in his best at the marriage.

According to the bridegroom, “ Pizza would not reject you or betray you as humans and frankly speaking, I sincerely love pizza.”

The Russian authorities nor the church found any fallacy in this marriage and recognized the bond between both the lovebirds.

To help the man, a pizzeria at his hometown came forward and made all the arrangements for this unique and exotic marriage. The chefs and waitresses became witness to this marriage ceremony.

All love pizza but how many would marry it? Moreover, will the bridegroom gulp the bride in the very first instance of hunger pangs is really worth waiting for.


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