Many Arrested In Anti-Trump Protests, Trump-Themed Graffiti Found

**New York** At least 65 people were arrested in protests following Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US presidential election, even as Trump-themed swastika graffiti was found in a local town here, media reports said.

On Wednesday in Wellsville, New York a passer-by spotted a swastika and the phrase “Make America White Again” on a softball dugout, according to a local daily.

Graffiti, with Nazi imagery and the word “Trump”, was also discovered on a storefront in Philadelphia.

Police said they would look into the incident, though they haven’t received any reports.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered on Wednesday afternoon in Union Square, Columbus Circle and other parts of New York City for demonstrations that had been organised via social media.

The New York City Police Department confirmed on Thursday that at least 65 people were detained on different charges, including disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, ABC News reported.

As in other cities, the protesters in Manhattan chanted “Not Our President” and “New York Hates Trump” and held up signs with messages that included “Don’t Lose Hope”.

Even after police intervention, hundreds of protesters continued toward Trump Tower, where police formed a barricade to prevent people from getting too close to the 58-story building.

In another development, disturbing footage from Chicago has emerged showing a mob beating a man for supposedly voting Trump.

The footage shows the victim being clobbered by at least two others, as onlookers heartily cheer in the background.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago police said Thursday the department learned of the footage on Wednesday.

“We’re looking into it. We have no new information to add to it,” New York Post quoted a Chicago police officer as saying.



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