Russia-Ukraine Conflict Enters Day 22: Live Updates

Bhubaneswar: It’s been 22 days of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with humanitarian crisis soaring in the war-ravaged country. The UN says over 3 million people have fled war-torn Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army has claimed that Russia has lost over 13,800 personnel. We take a look at the main developments:

  1. Ukraine War Could Cut Global Growth by Over One Percentage Point in First Year After Invasion: OECD;
  2. Operation Ganga Not Over, Still Trying to Rescue Those Willing to Return: MEA;
  3. Russian Invasion of Ukraine Largely Stalled on All Fronts: UK Defence Min;
  4. Russia Ally Uzbekistan Calls for Swift Halt to Ukraine Conflict;
  5. At Least 21 Dead After Russian Strikes Hit School, Cultural Centre in Merefa;
  6. Russian-European Mars Mission Suspended Over Ukraine War: ESA;
  7. Russia Building New ‘Wall’ Against Freedom: Zelenskyy to German MPs;
  8. ‘Russia must stop this war now’, pleads UN chief;
  9. Russian government websites are facing unprecedented cyber attacks;
  10. Belarus started mass summoning of persons liable for military service;
  11. Australia threatens China with sanctions for backing Russia;
  12. Facebook removes deepfake video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky;
  13. Neutrality for Ukraine is on the table, says Russian FM;
  14. Russian invasion ‘largely stalled on all fronts’, says UK intel;
  15. Large convoy of military equipment heads to Russian border in Belarus;
  16. UN says over 3 million people have fled war-torn Ukraine;
  17. Putin calls pro-Western Russians ‘national traitors’;
  18. Ukraine destroys Russia’s 2 Su-34, 3 destroyers Vachi Su-34CM, 3 helicopters;
  19. UK Foreign Secretary to visit India in March-end amid Russia-Ukraine war;
  20. 6 countries call for UNSC meet over Ukraine crisis;
  21. Ukrainian President Zelensky signs law on cloud services on March 16;
  22. Canada imposes sanctions on 15 more Russian officials;
  23. US welcomes ICJ order asking Russia to suspend military operations in Ukraine;
  24. FAO chief economist warns of Ukraine conflict’s possible heavy toll on food security;
  25. UK to provide Ukraine with high-velocity anti-aircraft missile systems Starstreak, confirms Defense Ministry;
  26. Ukraine’s military says it hit Kherson airport;
  27. Netflix re-airs ‘Servant of the people’, a 2015 TV show starring Zelenskyy;
  28. China ‘will never attack Ukraine’, says envoy;
  29. Air Serbia bans flights to and from Russia;
  30. Zelenskyy says plans are already in place to restore Ukraine.