Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Enters Its 11th Day: Updates

Bhubaneswar: The Russian invasion in Ukraine entered day 11 on Sunday. Scores of civilians have lost their lives in the conflict. On Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy repeatedly asked the U.S. and NATO to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. However, the West turned down the plea, given the likelihood that would lead to a wider war with Russia.

The developments continue as Russian forces widened the offensive after a brief ceasefire in two cities. Below are the updates:

  1. In phone call with Macron, Putin blames Kyiv for failed evacuations
  2. Blinken says US seeing ‘very credible reports’ of deliberate attacks on civilians in Ukraine
  3. Putin blames Kyiv for failed civilian evacuations from Mariupol
  4. Macron, Putin hold new telephone talks lasting 1 hour 45 minutes
  5. Putin says will stop military ops only if demands met; Ukraine refugees touch 1.5-million mark
  6. Rocket strikes have destroyed Vinnytsia airport, says Zelenskyy
  7. Explained: Weapons used in the Russia-Ukraine war
  8. Indian embassy asks Indians still stranded in Ukraine to fill up online form
  9. Kyiv digs in for battle as fighting flares in areas nearby
  10. Ukraine’s president tells Russians to protest before it’s too late
  11. Russia, Ukraine blame each other as Mariupol evacuation fails again
  12. Last leg of Operation Ganga today, says Indian Embassy in Hungary
  13. Russia strikes Ukrainian military air base with long-range weapons
  14. WHO expresses concern over attack on healthcare centres in Ukraine
  15. South Korea imposes export curbs on Belarus
  16. Indians stranded in eastern Ukraine unable to use exit routes that were opened up following a brief ceasefire, in Mariupol and Volnovakha;
  17. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting to review the situation in Ukraine and the evacuation process;
  18. Radio Free Europe suspends operations in Russia;
  19. Mastercard, Visa suspend operations in Russia after invasion;
  20. 10 million Ukrainians may be displaced by war, warns UN;
  21. Volodymyr Zelenskiy calls for a no-fly zone, lethal aid, and a ban on Russian oil;
  22. Russia’s military is moving closer to the vital port city of Odessa, as it tries to cut off the Ukrainian government from the sea;
  23. Fierce attacks outside Kyiv and counterattacks as Ukrainian forces battle to keep the Russians from encircling it;
  24. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel is in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin;
  25. As Russian forces surrounded Mariupol, the city faces a growing humanitarian crisis;
  26. NATO members resupply Ukraine with Javelin and Stinger missiles and other weapons;
  27. Russia says it has resume ‘offensive actions’ after ceasefire in two Ukrainian cities.