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Russia’s COVID-19 Drug Gets Approval For Sale In Pharmacies

Bhubaneswar: Russia’s COVID-19 prescription drug or R-Pharm’s Coronavir for treatment for outpatients with mild to moderate infections would soon be available for sale in pharmacies in the country as soon as next week.

The New Indian Express reported that the company’s statement. This also meant that Coronavir’s approval as a prescription drug follows the green light for another Russian COVID-19 drug, Avifavir, in May.

R-Pharm said it received approval for Coronavir after Phase III clinical trials involving 168 patients with COVID-19, reported the daily. The drug was first approved for in-hospital use to treat COVID-19 in July, a government register showed. Coronavir’s trial was comparatively small. The European health regulator on Friday endorsed the use of the steroid dexamethasone in the treatment of COVID-19 patients after a study by UK researchers on several thousand patients.

R-Pharm has started talks with pharmacies about orders, the company’s spokeswoman said, with Coronavir supplies expected to be rolled out in the near future, possibly as soon as next week. Coronavir is made at R-Pharm’s facility in Yaroslavl, about 300 km (186 miles) northeast of Moscow.

TNIE reported that trials to test it against COVID-19 are ongoing around the world. It is produced by various Indian generic drugmakers including Lupin, Cipla and Dr Reddy’s for use against COVID-19 in India.


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