Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine: Important Events From Day 29

Bhubaneswar: On day 29 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian forces continued to lay siege to southern city of Mariupol while Ukrainian forces still held Kharkiv in the east. Ukrainian forces have made successful counter-attacks near the capital Kyiv, reports stated.

Here are the live updates from the ongoing conflict:

  1. Ukraine says it has destroyed Russian ship;
  2. Russia demand for rouble payments would breach contract, says Italy;
  3. Germany’s foreign minister says Europe needs to beware of Russian efforts to destabilize the Western Balkans against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine;
  4. UN General Assembly adopts Ukraine aid resolution, criticizes Russia;
  5. Nations ‘united’ in seeking to cut Russian oil, gas imports;
  6. UN General Assembly approves resolution blaming Russia for humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and urges immediate cease-fire;
  7. Finland’s Marin says Russia sanctions won’t work well if China helps Moscow;
  8. EU should take pain now of imposing strongest possible sanctions on Russia, Estonia says;
  9. ‘EU summit won’t bring new sanctions against Russia’;
  10. NATO helps Ukraine prepare for chemical attack;
  11. Zelenskyy makes plea for full membership of EU; Joe Biden seeks new sanctions, help for Ukrainians in Europe;
  12. UK says Putin crossed line ‘into barbarism’
  13. We stand for peace, no question of linking Ukraine situation to issues of trade: S Jaishankar;
  14. Renault suspends Russia operations after backlash;
  15. Ukrainian agriculture minister has submitted resignation, says aide;
  16. Russian gas flows to Europe rise slightly;
  17. Kremlin veteran Anatoly Chubais quits over Ukraine war and leaves Russia;
  18. Turkcell says 10% of mobile infrastructure in Ukraine disabled;
  19. Russian stock market, crushed by war, will partially reopen;
  20. Red Cross, Russia discuss need to protect Ukraine civilians;
  21. US, Nato allies discuss anti-ship missiles for Ukraine;
  22. UK to provide additional 6,000 missiles to Ukraine;
  23. Nato wants China to meet ‘responsibilities’ over Ukraine war;
  24. Russia used phosphorus bombs in Ukraine: Zelenskyy;
  25. Germany mulls keeping coal plants open longer as security backup;
  26. US President Biden, European allies begin summit on Ukraine war;
  27. UK sanctions 59 more Russian firms, individuals;
  28. Putin made ‘big mistake’ by invading Ukraine, says Nato chief;
  29. Over half of Ukraine’s children displaced after month of war: UN;
  30. Biden to attend series of summit meetings on Ukraine war;
  31. Russia expels US diplomats in tit-for-tat move;
  32. Zelenskyy to press US, NATO for more support in war against Russia;
  33. Ukraine says Russian landing ship destroyed;
  34. Apple bans use of Russian Mir cards in Apple Pay;
  35. Russia reserves right to use nuclear weapons, if provoked: Moscow’s envoy to UN;
  36. Defused over 12k explosives on farmlands in Kherson, says Russia;
  37. Over 4 lakh refugees from Donbas have entered Russia;
  38. Fitch cancels ratings of Russian firms hit by sanctions;
  39. Reuters removes Russian news agency from its content market due to biased coverage;
  40. Ukraine’s Berdyansk port catches fire: Report;
  41. Russia accuses Google of providing access to fake news, blocks site;
  42. Most fires in Chernobyl Exclusion zone contained: Report;
  43. Footage reveals Russia’s invasion began 30 minutes before Putin’s war announcement;
  44. Top Russian official resigns to protest against Putin’s invasion;
  45. US ready with contingency plan if Russia uses chemical, nuclear weapons: Report;
  46. Russia to seek payment for gas in Ruble from ‘unfriendly’ nations;
  47. WHO records 64 attacks on health care facilities in Ukraine;
  48. UN council defeats Russia humanitarian resolution on Ukraine;
  49. Biden lands in Europe in middle of dispute over Russian energy sanctions;
  50. Britain giving Ukraine thousands more missiles.