Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine: Live Updates, Day 39

Bhubaneswar: As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 39th day, we take a look at the latest updates from the crisis, which continues to escalate:

  1. Russia says it destroyed Oil Refinery near Odesa;
  2. Draft documents ready for Discussion by Presidents: Ukrainian Chief Negotiator;
  3. Series of Explosions Heard in Ukrainian Port of Odesa: Reports;
  4. Baltic states stop Russian gas imports;
  5. Ukraine interior ministry aide says several rockets have hit Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Mykolaiv;
  6. Blasts heard in Russian city of Belgorod near border with Ukraine;
  7. EU chief Charles Michel pledges further sanctions on Moscow, condemns “atrocities” carried out by Russian forces;
  8. Ukraine grain exports fall four-fold in March vs February: Economy ministry;
  9. Drug shortages persist in Russia after start of Ukraine war;
  10. Ukraine Kremenchug refiner destroyed after attack;
  11. Evacuation attempts of people from Mariupol to continue on Sunday: Ukraine deputy PM;
  12. Russia preventing Ukraine resupply by Black Sea, says UK military intelligence;
  13. Russian assault on Donetsk and Luhansk regions continues: Ukrainian Armed Forces;
  14. Civilian bodies found littering streets of Ukrainian town following withdrawal of Russian forces;
  15. Series of explosions heard in southern port city of Odesa;
  16. Russia aims to “capture both the Donbas and the south of Ukraine”: Zelenskiy;
  17. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán was “virtually the only one in Europe to openly support Mr Putin”: Zelenskiy;
  18. Number of Ukrainians at US-Mexico border seeking US asylum grows;
  19. Russian aircraft “still vulnerable” to Ukrainian air defense: British military intelligence;
  20. Russia shifting focus to victory by early May in eastern Ukraine, US officials say;
  21. Kremlin says talks with Ukraine not easy, important that they continue;
  22. Pope Francis for the first time implicitly criticises Putin over Ukraine;
  23. Air strike damages airfield and fuel depot in Ukraine’s Poltava region: Governor;
  24. Thousands march in Switzerland against Ukraine war;
  25. At least 300 buried in mass grave in Bucha, says Ukraine;
  26. Ukraine accuses Russia of firing on protesters;
  27. Former ICC prosecutor calls Putin a ‘war criminal’;
  28. At least 6,20,000 Ukrainians have returned to Ukraine since the war;
  29. 33 killed, 34 injured in Russian rocket strike in Mykolaiv;
  30. More than 4.1 million Ukrainians fled war, says UN;
  31. Retreating Russian troops leaving behind mines around homes: Zelenskyy;
  32. Ukraine recaptures the city of Brovary near Kyiv;
  33. Ukrainian journalist found dead near Kyiv: Reports;
  34. Russian forces in ‘rapid retreat’ from northern areas, says Ukraine.