Tulsi Gabbard Defeats Man In Push-Up Challenge

Washington: Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard defeated a man in a push-up challenge after he asked the Hindu Congresswoman if she could beat fellow party contender Joe Biden in such a contest, media reports said.

The incident took place on the night of January 16 while she was addressing a crowd at a town hall in New Hampshire, New England, according to The Hill news magazine.

The man asked her: “Former Vice President Biden has randomly challenged people in the audience to a push-up contest even if they’re in walkers… Do you think you could take him?”

“My educated and informed guess would be yes,” Gabbard replied. “However, Joe Biden may have some superhuman push-up ability that nobody knows about. But I would take most people to a pushup challenge.”

Then the man joined Gabbard on stage, where the two competed before she ultimately won.

The incident comes after Biden got into a heated exchange at an Iowa event last December, challenging a supporter to a push-up contest.



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