Twitteratti slam bizarre sketch made by US police

**London:** In a bizarre incident, the sketch of a man suspected of robbery released by a police department in the US, has been mercilessly mocked online, the media reported.

The sketch, which does not even look human, made by Cumru Township police department in Pennsylvania, was released in the hopesof finding the person who robbed the Valero-Shillington Food Mart in Berks County at knifepoint on Monday night, reported on Friday.

The suspect is described as a white male, approximately six feet tall, with a thin build, in the approximate age range of twenties to early thirties, according to a report by Fox 29 — a news station in Philadelphia, which shared the image on Twitter.

However, the sketch showed the suspect with alien-shaped eyes and a terribly contorted figure.

Twitter users compared the sketch to Greta from the Gremlins, the 19th century church fresco destroyed by rogue DIY pensioner and even Nicholas Cage.



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