Adarsh Gurukul & Housing Projects For Servitors Of Jagannath Temple To Be Speeded Up: V V Yadav

Puri: The issues of speeding up work on the Shree Mandir Adarsh Gurukul Society for the children of servitors and housing project for servitors were discussed at the meeting of the Shree Jagannatha Temple Managing Committee today.

“We discussed on Adarsh Gurukul project. Already application has been filed for registration of society for the purpose. Later, an MoU will be signed with Birla Foundation for running Adarsh Gurukul. It was decided at the meeting to speed up the project and start work very soon,” informed Vir Vikram Yadav, Chief Administrator of the Shree Jagannatha Temple Administration (SJTA) speaking to reporters after the meeting.

Yadav also informed that plan for housing project scheme for servitor families was also prepared at the meeting.

“We have prepared the plan for housing project scheme for servitor families. The plan was approved by the managing committee. The committee ordered us to start work on the project at the earliest. We are planning to start work on the project within 3-4 months,” said Yadav.

He further informed that the proceedings of the meeting of the Land Sub Committee held earlier were approved at today’s meeting.

He said the managing committee also gave its approval for inking of MoU with HDFC Bank for online booking of the guest house.

The peeling of a chunk of lime plaster from the ceiling of the garbha gruha (sanctum sanctorum) behind the Ratna Singhasan (bejewelled throne) has been examined by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

“The issue was discussed with the SJTA. After that, a team of ASI accompanied by the temple’s engineer inspected the spot from where the piece of lime plaster had peeled off. As per the team’s report a small piece of lime plaster has peeled off from a corner behind the Ratna Singhasan. There is no damage to the Ratna Singhasan from the falling of the piece of plaster,” informed ASI Superintendent Arun Malik.

Malik said that the stone base from where the lime plaster had chipped off is intact.

“It was sacrificial plaster fixed by us to restrict the microorganisms, cockroaches from climbing. I told at today’s managing committee meeting that since the deities are seated on the Ratna Singhasan this small repair will be undertaken during Rath Yatra next year,” said Malik.

On being questioned by reporters about the conservation and repair of Ratna Bhandar, he stated that its control is not in the hands of the ASI.

“Ratna Bhandar is not in the control of ASI. If ASI gets a request for inspection and assessment of conservation needs of Ratna Bhandar ASI will take up the work on a priority basis,” explained Malik.





Vir Vikram Yadav, Chief Administrator, SJTA

Arun Malik, Superintendent, ASI