BEO Flees During Vigilance Raid, Booked For Bribery

Bhubaneswar: A Block Education Officer (BEO) ran away from his office room during a Vigilance raid on Tuesday. The incident, as reported by the Vigilance took place in Marshaghai in Kendrapara district where the BEO Satrughana Behera received the graft money from a person, kept it in the drawer and fled from the scene upon seeing the anti-corruption agency sleuths.

Behera has been booked under Section 7 of PC Act, 1988 as amended by PC (Amendment) Act, 2018. The bribe money of Rs 20,000 has been recivered and seized. He had demanded the cash in order to process the provisional pension and other retirement benefits of an ex-employee.

“The rented house of Behera located at Salipur is sealed for search as his family members also left the house apprehending Vigilance action. His higher authorities have been informed for necessary departmental action. Steps are being taken to arrest the accused,” the Vigilance stated.