Koraput Shows The Way, Harvests Exotic Dragon Fruit For The First Time

Koraput: Two men from Chhattisgarh are growing the exotic cash-yielding dragon fruit and improved hybrid variety of guava on a 64-acre patch of farmland in Aunli village under Borigumma block of Koraput district.

Hansmukh Lal Chawda and Arun Tripathi, the two farmers from Chhattisgarh have grown the exotic dragon fruit on 12 acres and improved hybrid variety of guava on 52 acres.

Both dragon fruit plants and 24,500 guava trees are bearing fruit. They are selling their produce both in the State and outside as well. They are exporting dragon fruits and guavas to metros like Kolkata and Mumbai.

“It’s 3 years since it was started. Dragon fruit and hybrid guava are being cultivated. Dragon fruit plants have been planted on 12 .5 acres and guava has been planted on 52 acres,” said Mahesh Gouda, Farm Manager.

Since the coming up of Balaji Krushi Farm in Aunli around 150 daily wagers from the nearby villages are getting year-round work and earning their livelihood.

“It’s 3 years since the farm was started. Every day 150-120 labourers are engaged here. This is the first year of harvesting. It is 3 months since harvesting started. We are harvesting guava and dragon fruit,” informed Sudhir Harijan, a staff of the farm.

This is the first time dragon fruit has been ever harvested in Koraput district, Harijan said.

“We feel proud. The environment is very pleasant here. We are very happy and are enjoying our work,” he added.

Initially, Chawda and Tripathi cultivated red pepper on 52 acres and 75 acres and reaped profits.

The farm has set an example for the locals. Locals feel that the government needs to encourage and incentivise people to cultivate exotic fruits in Koraput.

“This area was mostly barren covered with weeds and undergrowth before the farm came up here. The gentlemen from Chhattisgarh have started the farm here. Dragon fruit and guavas are being grown here. Earlier, tomato and red pepper were cultivated. People from 4-5 villages are working here and are earning their livelihood and they are no longer migrating outside in search of work,” said Dambaru Prava, a local.



Mahesh Gouda, Farm Manager

Sudhir Harijan, Staff

Dambaru Prava, Local