SJTA Voices Dissent With NMA Over New Office Building Height

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has voiced disagreement over the National Monuments Authority’s (NMA’s) recommendation with regard to its proposed office building.

The NMA in its 361st NOC meeting held on September 9 reiterated its recommendations made in the 335th meeting held on March 11 asking the SJTA to submit a revised plan for construction of its office building in the regulated area by restricting its height to 7.50 meters (inclusive of all).

It has asked the SJTA to submit a revised NOC application to the Competent Authority for consideration of NMA.

“Recently, we received a letter from NMA that it has given G+1 approval for our proposed office building with a maximum height of 7.50 meters. The SJTA’s new building–Nabakalebar Tower was constructed at the time of last Nabakalebar after obtaining NMA’s approval for G+2 with a height of 12.19 meters. We have requested the NMA through our Competent Authority–Director Culture that since it had given approval to the old building for 12.19 meters restricting the height of the new building to 7.50 meters will appear incongruous as it won’t match and look bad. We have requested NMA to re-examine the proposal,” SJTA Development Administrator, Ajay Jena.

Jena informed that a letter in this regard has been sent by the Deputy Chief Administrator to the Competent Authority on Wednesday.

“We are hopeful that NMA will reconsider,” he added.



Ajay Jena, Development Administrator, SJTA