Months After Panchayat Poll, Sarpanch Still Visits Door-to-Door In Keonjhar

Keonjhar: Sarpanch candidates often visit door-to-door and make promises to voters during the poll campaigns but meeting the voters after getting elected and fulfilling their promises is crucial for the progress of the panchayat vis-à-vis State.

Rabindra Kumar Jena, Sarpanch of Badarampas in Hatadihi block of Keonjhar district of Odisha, is one such elected representative who still visits the doorsteps of people and understands their problems.

After getting elected in the last panchayat polls, Sarpanch Jena and Samiti Member Baban Sethi have been meeting people in their panchayat. Holding a notebook and pen, they have been keeping a record of the problems the people are facing.

During their visits, people raise various issues related to the village road, their monthly allowance, ration card, etc. Jena notes down their problems with their names, as well as telephone numbers.

People have also welcomed the Sarpanch’s move. They said that no Sarpanch has ever made such an effort. If the new sarpanch makes such an effort, the people are eager to cooperate with him and hope that their problems will be solved.

Jena intends to carry out the program in 15 wards of the panchayat by visiting one ward per day. He said that he has been elected by the people and will work for the people.

He has already street lights in the villages and set up cement benches for people at various shrines and crossroads in different villages. Some roads in some villages in his panchayat have been repaired to prevent mudslides.