Nandankanan Employee Redefines Human-Animal Bond, Feeds Lion & Tiger Cubs Fearlessly

Bhubaneswar: Prasant Gouda, a temporary animal keeper at Nandankanan Zoo redefines the human-animal bond. He has a close affinity toward the lions and tigers in the zoo and their cubs. Prasant is often seen feeding the cubs with a milk bottle and playing with the slightly grown-up ones. He has no fear while dealing with these animals.

Whenever a baby cub is born in the zoo, Prasant takes special interest in the new-borns. This time, a white tiger Roopa gave birth to a baby few days back. However, she was not interested in feeding the cub. The situation was grim as the cub’s health could deteriorate. Prasant stepped and filled in the void.

Today, he has developed a special relation with Roopa’s cub. He is very close to the cubs of lion and other breeds of tigers as well, the zoo sources said. Prasant playing with these cubs is a sight to relish, and the zoo authorities describe him as a dedicated and fearless worker.